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My art varies. I love doing all kinds. I'm not so much a digital artist since I lack digital skill and material, but I love oil painting, sketching, drawing, and writing!

I paint almost anything on my mind...or try to. Landscapes I've been told are a strength of mine. Though I like drawing and painting cartoon stuff. I'm slowly and surely learning anatomy I think...hopefully. I write weird free-verse poetry from time to time, or if I'm really feeling creative...I will write stories.

I'll organize my gallery soon! Hope you enjoy what you see so far... Feedback is appreciated.

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In short, it's good to see you drawing Lucario again. The posture, actions, and overall looks of it are as good as we all line to see a...


Think it's about time I returned to my traditional roots for a while. Today I saw an oil painting at a thrift store that kinda....reached to me. You ever get that kick? I'm hoping to have gotten a bit of a kick with this. In the near future, I think in gonna try and do an oil painting of this.…

Maybe do some other underwater paintings. I don't know yet.
DA ID, 2017
About time I updated my picture. So here I am this year.

I've been having some fun at my pool lately. Recently found a wetsuit at Goodwill that I swim in now. I'm weird.
Sisters in Spirit
I know I gotta get more of my own work up still...

The two Federation ships, the USS Rainier (NCC-92604) and USS Vesuvius (NCC-90544) on a joint patrol along Cardassian space. Even 30 years after the Dominion War has ended, Cardassians feel the effects of their loss. Though it accepts Federation aid while it continues to rebuild, there are small groups of Cardassians who try to stir up insurgencies. Loyalists of the defeated Dominion, or groups who just want the Federation gone. Starfleet schedules routine patrols to make sure such groups do not interfere with the recovering process.

The Rainier, which I've introduced before, and the Vesuvius have a bit of a fun background in Starfleet. Despite the Vesuvius being constructed in 2401, and the Rainier in 2404, and despite the two ships being of completely different classes and serving different functions, members of Starfleet often consider the ships as sister ships.

Why is this? There can be multiple reasons. One is the strange coincidences that the two are often seen aiding each other when one calls for aid. Another reason is that it is said the commanding officers of both ships, Captain Wayde Linton, and Captain Va'Kel Shon are very close and personal friends. Another reason could be because the ships are both named after potentially very dangerous volcanoes on Earth. The urban myths regarding the relationship bergen these two can be fun to talk about, when in all reality, they're about as different as ships can get.

The Vesuvius, launched in 2401, is of course of the Prometheus Class, under the registry NCC-90544. one of the more advanced models of the Prometheus Class, she is commanded by Andorian captain, Va'Kel Shon, a bold, fearless, headstrong captain unafraid to push his ship to the limits. His executive officer however is one with a bit of a known name, Commander Akira Sulu, the great-grandson of Captain Hikaru Sulu, the very same Sulu who captained the USS Excelsior, and served under James T. Kirk aboard the USS Enterprise, almost 200 years prior. The Vesuvius, like other Prometheus Class ships is capable of its infamous multi-vector assault mode capability, in which it literally separates into three separate starships, all capable of delivering a lethal payload of suppressing firepower. In accordance with the Romulan Allies the Federation now has, the Vesuvius is one of the few ships in Starfleet with a functioning cloaking device. However, the device cannot be operated if the ship is in its multi-vector mode. Armed with phaser arrays, cannons, and powerful Quantum Torpedoes, she boasts as being one of the most powerful ships in all of Starfleet.

The Rainier on the other hand was launched in 2404, under the registry number NCC-92604. Like other Vesta Class ships, she was built more for exploration and scientific research. That's not to say she doesn't have teeth, because she can handle herself in any combat situation, but she's not designed for combat as the Vesuvius was. Under command of Captain Wayde Linton, and his executive officer and personal friend, Elisa Flores, the Rainier has seen plenty of excitement in its ship life. One of the things it has the capability of doing is projecting holographic programs, such as the ship's EMH onto a nearby surface, such as a comet or asteroid, a surface that might be more hostile to a humanoid lifeform. They may take data readings and analyze compounds of the surface there. And though this is likely an exaggerated rumor, there is a story that the Rainier at one point actually managed to ward off potential danger at one point by managing to project a small fleet of Federation ships by hologram as if to try and show off a stronger number of ships. This of course is just a rumor. And if it were true, it would have only served as a risky bluff. But wick thinking by the ship's captain, and user of the ships other tricks can pull the Rainier out of any tricky situation. And of course, like other Vesta Class ships, it is equipped with the advanced quantum-slipstream drive, making is capable of reaching father points of the galaxy for missions in which it must delve into the unknown.

When together, these ships can create a most formidable team. The bond of friendship the two commanding officers share is not at all exaggerated, and is one of the factors which can contribute to the success of both ships. And both ships benefit off each other immensely. While the Vesuvius boats incredible firepower that the Rainier doesn't have, the Vesuvius can rely on that firepower too much. The Rainier is able to assist the Vesuvius in ways that make the Vesuvius a potentially much more powerful ship. For example, if facing combat, the Vesuvius can use its modified deflector dish to give a powerful tachyon beam to help drain the shields of an enemy vessel, giving the Vesuvius an edge. And while the Rainier can handle herself, it's large size can make her vulnerable. If outgunned, the stealth capabilities and multi-vector mode of the Vesuvius can provide the Rainier with some much needed support. And this is just a couple ways the ships have been noted to benefit one another.

With such a reputation behind them, it's no wonder Starfleet will often pair these two ships together. Despite all their differences, maybe these two ships really are sisters in spirit...

(And I haven't even gotten into the crews of each. The Rainier has a Jem'Hadar Chief of Security! There's something you don't see everyday!)

Art was done by the awesome :iconjetfreak-7: (whom I kinda named a character on one of these ships after)
Star Trek is a property of CBS and Paramount
The USS Rainier and USS Vesuvius are ships of my own creation, please ask before you portray them in your own works.

Thanks again Jet!
Who's got a lovely fever of 100 degrees? This guy's got a lovely fever of one hundred degrees...
Not much I can think of to say right now. So...I hope you all had a great Christmas, and hope your new year only treats you right. -Thrash


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Travis Linton
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
"...and I can't help but wonder where I'm bound..."

AIM Username: SMMetallix
Skype: ask.buizel

I'm a man with many interests. Art is one of them, though it's not really a strength. I honestly am kinda surprised that half my work comes out the way it does. I draw or paint what's on my mind. I will even write...though most of it makes no sense... Since I no longer have access to a scanner, getting it up can be a hassle because digital photos from a phone or cheap camera...aren't the best things to go by here. Also since I am starting to paint a lot more, it's a real time consuming thing. Oil paint is not a fast drying material, and it requires a big amount of if you do think my paintings are good and love to see them when they come up...thanks for your patience.

I can be rather critical of myself in art and life. Let's just say there are some things I have done in life that I wish never happened, but I guess we all have those times. It makes me strive to be a better person in general, and a better person through Christ. I have made many friends here, who I have shared many experiences with, conversations, ideas...God bless each and every one of them. I've shared many conversations with them, and I have even walked some through some very difficult times, and continue to do so today. Some even call me "brother" or "Big brother". Not many do that. I guess that should be an honor. To me, I just did what I thought was the right thing to do...and so far, I don't regret it. They remain happy for the most part. I've been down many roads before.

I love and am easily calmed by the sight of water. Dunno what it is. It's just a meditative thing I guess. Love being in it, around it, under it...just wish I could breathe it. I'd take it over flying.

Yeah I mentioned above, I follow Christ. I don't really like the term Christian. I don't like to associate myself with a term that has caused pain before. Have I caused pain? Yes. And I'm not proud of it. I've had to move on in a lot of ways because of it. But it doesn't stop me from trying to learn from what I've done and try and make things better...though sometimes...I guess it's easier said than done. I study questions I know I will never find the answer to. I am pretty big in this area, and I love talking about it. I also bring philosophy into play sometimes. Let's just say this area of my world.....I cannot describe fully here. Feel free to talk to me in this area, or talk to me in general.

Or feel free to talk to me at all. I don't deny a listening ear. If you took time to read this, I smile to you. Drive on. It don't mean nothing.

Current Residence: Golden, Colorado
Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal/Rock
Favourite style of art: Depends. I'm good with any kind of art for the most part.
Operating System: Macintosh
MP3 player of choice: Try to stay away from these. CD's are coming back.
Wallpaper of choice: Water, or game art.
Favourite cartoon character: Buizel I guess.
Personal Quote: Layne is not amused with your foolishness.

Awesome People:
If you're gonna go see Moana, I have one thing to say to you: See it in 3D. You won't be disappointed. I'm actually kicking myself because I didn't see it in 3D, but I can tell you it's will worth the extra few bucks. I'm actually shocked that it wasn't available in Imax at my location. Going into the theater, I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew this would carry on the Disney Princess-esque tradition, but I literally had no idea what to expect as far as story or whatnot. And I gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised on multiple levels, in just so many ways. I've not seen too many of the newer Disney Princess films.  I've seen Tangled, but skipped Frozen. It needs to be said that Disney is getting my attention again, and that more and more, I'm giving these films with a more fairy-tale take to their stories, more respect than I've given them in the past.
Right out the gates, this film transports you into this world, filled with gods, monsters, spirits, and legends, and it's actually quite exciting. It's not often you see someone battling a giant lava monster in a Disney movie, in the first five minutes. It's all very fun. And I gotta say it's really cool to see Disney Animation Studios adapting so many traits that made Pixar so fun to watch not so long ago (before they kinda began to...get mediocre). There's coherent storytelling, pleasant humor, and I gotta say, despite my shaky ground with musicals, this one did have its fair share of surprisingly strong musical numbers. In fact, as I'm writing this, the song "How Far I'll Go" is stuck in my head. A lot of it is really well done, and very enjoyable. And I gotta say that the musical score by Mark Mancina? Absolutely gorgeous. Those who go out of their way to get this film's soundtrack will have plenty to enjoy.

The film surprisingly draws strength from its lack of too many characters. In fact, as the credits rolled, I found myself surprised that the cast was as small as it was. This isn't a bad thing, as the film does a great job of developing our two main leads in the Chieftain's Daughter, Moana, and the Demigod, Maui. The characters are fun, funny, charming, likable, easily some of the best of any of these kinds of films I've seen. And that's a good thing too, because there are times that they literally feel like the only people in this movie. We see Moana's family, from her overprotective father, her wise yet crazy grandmother, and her...mother...who's there I guess (no seriously, the mother does nothing in this film), and that's really about it. We don't really know too much about her tribe she's supposed to eventually lead, we don't have a best friend or an exact enemy, and despite it all, the film pulls through.

Now I will say that some of the storytelling aspects are pretty...stretched beyond my disbelief. I won't spoil anything but there is one part in the beginning of the movie that honestly just kinda comes out of nowhere. There is no hint that it'll happen, the film just turns the page, and moves on. No buildup. And despite a good amount of these tunes being trait strong, there are plenty that I didn't care for. Like the song this giant crab sings halfway through the film. I can't remember his name. He's literally like Smaug from the Hobbit, if he were a giant crab. But I guess he was such a hit that he deserved his own post-credit scene where he almost kinda mocks how his musical number was as forgettable as it was. And while not all of it is forgettable, a lot of it does come out of nowhere. Some of the transitions from story to music seemed very sudden and not exactly fitting. But these relatively few faults can be overlooked, because it needs to be said that the journey you go on in this film can be breathtaking.

And I gotta devote an entire paragraph to this film's absolutely stunning animation. I honestly don't think Disney has looked this gorgeous in a very long time. I wasn't joking when I said go see it in 3D. The lighting of this film can be absolutely phenomenal, and the water, which is everywhere in this film looks practically flawless. The way the water moves, how it's influenced by the spirits in this film, how it looks both above and below, is just amazing to look at. Even small things, from hair on the characters, to animation on the ships, to the action in this film, to the environments, it is all just a beauty to behold. Absolutely stunning at times. If I scored movies based on look alone, this film would be near perfect, but this film does have a lot more going for it than its animation, and I'm very happy to say that.

Moana earns a solid three and a half star rating out of four for me. A wonderful experience, incredible journey, and just very pleasant surprise honestly. I had more fun than I thought I would. It's been a good year for Disney. While the film has its problems, they're just too few and far between for me to really get worked up about it, especially when there is just so much more to look into with this film. I'm willing to bet that those who aren't even that big on the Disney Princess-esque (I'm not sure if I wanna call this one), will be entertained by this. Can certain musical numbers be annoying? Sure. Are some characters forgettable, or just pulling tropes we've seen one too many times with Disney? Yeah. But there's plenty of new things here to keep your attention as well.

Feel free to request any film you'd like me to review in the future. Leave a comment down below annotating your own thoughts on the movie, and as always, thanks for reading.

Final Verdict: 3.5/4
  • Listening to: Pink Floyd


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I'd like to try out premium, I won't deny. I would love some critique on my work, if it will help me get better as an artist in any way possible. However, my job at the moment will not earn me that. So if you are willing to spare anything....I would be grateful.
However, I also will may need to start contributing to a group I help out. Anything helps. Godspeed.

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